COVID-19 - Life Changer OR Life Destroyer?

COVID-19 - Life Changer OR Life Destroyer?

Covid-19 :Life changer or  life destroyer?


The story starts from, when on November imposed 17, 2019 Chinese government traced it's first case suffering from novel coronavirus/Covid-19. Then gradually  numbers went to its peak and suddenly it turned into pandemic. Due to the increasing number of cases various countries/ government started planned to halt their  economic activities for sometime, so,the government of our nation imposed lockdown in all states which is also popularly known by the name "Bharat Bandh".  The very first lockdown was inflicted on 22, March 2020. This day is named as  a " Janta curfew". And there was series of lockdown in the upcoming whole year 2020. These lockdown has stunned the growth of various sectors of economy, and  the consequences of that can be seen on growth rate of a country.

So let us take a glimpse of varied sector and their growth.


Health : This crucial sector during this pandemic faces many ups and down and also exposed the vulnerabilities of healthcare system. Shortage of beds, masks, PPE kits, sanitizers all these makes  things impossible. Poor people, cancer and other disease patient are not treated well due to high number of corona patients. This also led ignorance of pregnant women and their prenatalcheckups. These all things potrays, lack of medical investment and healthcare infrastructure in India. And these are also  biggest challenge in India in a battle against the novel pandemic.


Education: Pandemic has also badly effected  the education sector of India. Although the Ministry of Education has bring New Education Policy 2020 to curb the stunned growth in education sector. During this pandemic all education from pre-primary to graduation  is given through digital platroms, amid this some students  were facing network issues while some don't have Internet access on other hand   some students  facing hardship during online lessons. From September 21, students of class 9-12 were allowed to attend schools physically on a voluntary basis as per the government

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